Join the Peer Support Journey: Contribute to Our Virtual Resource Centre!

Join the Peer Support Journey: Contribute to Our Virtual Resource Centre!

10th of Feb, 2024

We are excited to announce the launch of our Virtual Resource Centre, a cornerstone of our new Peer Support Project aimed at enhancing mental health support across EU countries. 

This innovative initiative is designed to serve as a comprehensive hub for best practices in peer support in mental health: activities, methods, and training programmes.

Our primary goal is to create a dynamic and extensive virtual library. This library will serve as a centralised hub for all things related to peer support in mental health. We aim to provide individuals with easy access to knowledge and guidance on various aspects of peer support in mental health.

We firmly believe in the power of shared knowledge. Through our resource center, we will actively identify and disseminate best practice examples of peer support activities, approaches, methods, and training programs. By showcasing successful and established initiatives, we hope to inspire and encourage others to adopt similar effective strategies in their own mental health support endeavours.

We invite all those involved in peer support activities to contribute to this library. Share your knowledge, experiences, and best practices with us to help build a resource that can benefit many. Submit your contributions and become part of this transformative journey. For more details on how to contribute, visit our website or contact our team at https://mentalhealthsupport.eu/contributions/

Together, we can make a significant impact on mental health support across Europe. Join us in this effort to build a better, more supportive future.